Interesting facts about the Bahamas

The Bahamas don’t need any introduction. Everyone knows that this is the number one tropical place that everyone dreams to go to. And, those that are fortunate enough to be able to go there on holiday say that this is the best holiday they have ever had. But, there are some interesting facts about the Bahamas that people don’t know about. These are some of the facts about the Bahamas that you might not know about:

The pink beach

If you never went to the Bahamas before, you might not know about the pink beach. This isn’t just a name, but the beach has actually a pink color.

This makes the ocean clear blue, but the sand not white, but pink. This is because of a microscopic marine animal that has a pink shell. It lies on the beach and if the water flows over the sand, it makes the beach pink instead of white. Something that you will not find anywhere.

What the name Bahamas mean

Did you wonder before what the name Bahamas means? There is a special meaning to the name. The name means baja mar in Spanish. In English, this means shallow water or sea.

The Bahamas is known for their places that have shallow water and that it isn’t as deep as on other parts of the world. We all know that the sea is really deep, but not in some spots in the Bahamas. And, therefore the name that means shallow water or sea.

The deepest blue hole in the sea

If you are a diver, you might be familiar with the blue holes that you can find in the sea. There are many divers that have dived into these holes.

However, if you want to see the deepest blue hole in the world, then you should go to the Bahamas. This blue hole is about 22 meters under the sea. This is a great sight to see, even if you aren’t diving into the whole.

The best place to get married on the island

The Bahamas are a popular destination where many people are getting married at. This isn’t just because of the blue sea and the nature scenes that is unique. This is because of the Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island. This is the place where most people are getting married at in the Bahamas.

When you are thinking about the Bahamas, you immediately start dreaming about the tropical place that will be giving you the best experience ever. There are many things that people know about the Bahamas, but they might not know about some of these information. You can use this information to make sure that you know where to go to, when visiting this great place.

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